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Indispensable practical!

Every active person makes the experience, that it's often due to little things, which don't make an activity one hundred percent successful or at least make it difficult to handle. And exactly these missing few percents cloud our joy, all the more so when we have no idea how to remedy the lack.
This is now over: We at tecars are practitioners by conviction and invest our know-how, developed over many years, all our enthusiasm, all our care and attention to detail in products that make practical life easier, more comfortable, better and safer. These are technical as well as artistically inspired, independently designed and 3D printed products that have never before been available on the market.

You can look forward to sophisticated and proven simplicity that dispenses with all superfluous frills in favor of high quality made in Germany, durability and flexibility. Each of our articles is thoroughly tested in practical use. This means that plastic products from tecars give you a whole new feeling in the (hobby) workshop, 3D printing, in the garden, in the kitchen, when camping. See for yourself: Annoyance was yesterday!